Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"The best" children's book of 2014 are...

Have you tried to find the best books for children of a specific  year?  Starting with a simple "googling"all we get seems to lead us strait to a shopping cart...  That's so annoying!
It's not the first time I'm confronted with this. In 2013 same thing happened and I feel like being overwhelmed by info about what's out there to be sold instead of what's really a good book.
So I've started to search independent reviews.
I'm leaving them here for you and me because My blog is also a place I use for my research and references. Here's what I've found:
Green goes for independent and Orange goes for publishers and distributors:
«Each year bookstore bookshelves are filled with the latest and greatest picture books, and throughout the year many readers try to determine their favorites. Many of the titles contain eye-catching illustrations and deep messages, most that will attract readers of all ages. Some are the creation of perennial favorites, while others provide tantalizing evidence that a new artistic talent has burst on the children’s literature scene. This week’s book reviews of favorite picture books from 2014 from the Children’s Literature and Reading Special Interest Group include ones you may have seen reviewed earlier this year, but these are keepers.»
The site looks very simple in it's layout but is really helpful with it's filters, also, the Awards Explanation  ( made this one of my favourites.
I really loved this one, it's well organized in the information it provides, you can link to more info about illustrator and reviews on the books.
If you understand Spanish this is useful - considering Spanish is the second most spoken language on the planet..
(Libros infantiles y juveniles recomendados por la crítica desde el año 2000 hasta la actualidad)  doesn't really says the criteria for choosing this 23 books, but there's a selection for your consideration.
Doesn't have much info or reasons for selection, or ages filter...
Of course you can also go into any online shop and search for "best picturebooks 2014", but that's a search that is going to be dictated by their stock and suppliers...

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