Thursday, February 19, 2015

How to build your illustration store

My WEBSITE STORE (LINK) is now available for more than books :) This is quite an achievement for an illustrator how knows so little on Joomla!
How was this possible?
well, "with a little help from my friends":
Lívio (google+ profile) made this possible for me. He build it using PrestaShop, a free eCommerce software. I could never have found the way to put this all together in my website, but we did it.
Thank you so much my adorable Lívio.
Also, Inês, from Illustopia agency (link) had given me the contact of Francisco, who prints some really nice fine quality carbon prints :) and everything came to place.
Now here I am, ready to sell directly to you. 01_Step one: If you want a job done properly you just have to ask for the professionals to do their work. 
Final step: launch on social media.
Let me say this again: Get help from experts: You're an illustrator not a webmaster!
I started with a static store on my website, I then went to a failed store on Etsy, tried and finally, I realized nothing is as professional as a store under your own domain. Ask for help. Pay for quality services and clients will come back and advice you to their friends. 

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