Tuesday, January 20, 2015


This year I'm back to portraits. I was always fascinated by the exasperating "everything it's on the right place... still, it's not him/her!" Portrait is that ultimate challenge for a person who claims to have drawing skills.
I was attracted by this discipline since I was a teenager, then, in Fine Arts Faculty I had a really nice teacher (prof. Artur Ramos) that was really passionate on the subject and I got addicted! besides: «I'm an Aries, you know... no mountain to high and 'Challenge' is our middle name» :)
I drew and I learned to draw and to express what I wanted: notice how my long-face got from "serious-person-will-work-hard" to a simple "hey there" 
Anyway, I'm sharing this pintrest board I started today:(http://www.pinterest.com/anafonso_com/portraits/) to track the evolution and experimentation on different styles and techniques.
I basically made this folder to show a client what type of portraits I could do for her, but, when everything come together it was quite amazing to watch the diversity of digital and analogue possibilities.

I like both digital and hand drawing processes - In Lívio's portrait I really enjoyed the "non-drawing" process. it was all about volume and polygons and colors. Very detached from my comfort zone - playing with academic painting or line work.
Hope you like!

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