Friday, July 4, 2014

No more print screens - here's the portfolio! :)

Print screens were  made while working for a Magazine Publisher - Motorpress.
I had the privilege to work there 4 months doing lots of different tasks for their magazines which are mostly about Sports and kids thematics: Bike Magazine, Ciclismo a Fundo, Sport Life, Ideias para Educar.
So I had Sports and illustration combined adding the plus of going there on my bike - about 6km that made me sweat sometimes, because when you happy and like sports it's very difficult to overcome the flood of energy Lisbon gives you when riding by the river... early morning, sun and win on your face it's hard to remember "Do not sprint, you don't want to get there smelly!! Do not sprint, do not s.... do not... sssssssspeeeeeeeeeeeeed!!!

So, here's the 4 months update on to my portfolio:

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