Wednesday, July 16, 2014

From drawing to published book

So, here's the new book with my illustrations. I had to leave my comfort zone to make this one, bye bye to curly girls and pets and smiles!!

This is a dark book about battles and death... it turn out OK. I focused on facial expression in battle more than describing how many where dying and how they died! There's so much bloody descriptions in words I just had to make lighter images and avoid the color red :) Really, it's amazing how Alexandre Herculano made use of suffering and patriotism to narrate Portugal history!
I had to do lots of research also. about the author (link here) and what kind of armors and garments people used - Pintrest it's just amazing for that (see the pins).

You can find the book here (and/or view 3 illustrations the editor shared):
The 3rd illustration is inspired by the narrative but mostly by this wonderful horse I found online:

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