Saturday, April 26, 2014

what's the best way to illustrate an article for a magazine? _ practical approach

Making of an illustration for an article:
1_ Start knowing a final outcome is the only a small selection (about 10%)of the work you've put into it
2_Get your hands dirty, forget A4 draw on A3, real expressive lines should arise after the first half hour.
3_ You need 1 drawing? Do 4 versions in order to make a selection. (Do you see the bikes in the files? I needed a small sketch for second spread I had to do the line, the ink, the inked line, because you never know what's going to work on Indesign - In this article I had to transform the black into orange in order to melt the drawing with all the article and don't stole the strengh to the portrait next to it.Put aside first sketches, don't settle for 'satisfying' or the first "wow, nice")
4_ Put some passion into it. enjoy what you're doing and fall in love with your task. Imagine your working to win the "Pulitzer for illustration"

layout options on print

 final work on magazine

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