Wednesday, July 1, 2015

So they want you to do those beautiful white drawings in glass windows? BEWARE!! :)

Do you know those beautiful Posca drawings on windows?
It has become a fashionable, simple and intelligent way to get some attention in many storefronts. 

Artist, window, acrylic pen, if you know how to draw, what could go wrong? Everything!   I've completely failed the mission because of some minor details, so I'll just share it before you go somewhere and find something similar: 

  • 1_Check if the window is clean!  I started drawing in shadow but when the sun hit the glass I saw all the dust around the drawings and I could die right there. It's impossible to clean at this point because you'll just erase the art!
  • 2_ From where will the viewer watch your work? is it a crowded street? full of windows and light? well... everything you add up will just make a bigger mess. Check your image background - it should be as plain as possible.
  • 2 a)_ do you want people from the street below to see it? use a bold point pen!
  • 3_Check youtube tutorials, I haven´t found one yet but I will most certainly do one soon :)
  • 4_Keep in mind composition.  the blank spaces are equally important. They give space for the drawing to be seen. If you do everything with the same pen and pattern it will be doll and confusing.
  • 5_Do your homework - take references form othersPinterest and Google have the most inspiring examples link &; link and (just like art is supposed to) it seems soooo EASY. Well... it's not!!
  • 6_Comfort! Chose a clothing that will let you move freely and Food. This drawing take quite a while so you better have water and food with you. If it's a sunny day take a cap and sun glasses, it's not easy to look and draw facing light.
  • 7_If everything goes wrong?  ... and against your lowest expectations?  that alright. Just take the best moments with you and make a post about it. You can alert fellow artists and learn something on the process. :) I sure did.

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