Sunday, June 7, 2015

Books and Picturebooks DYI: some useful links to keep in mind while doing your book

Freelancing in illustration is no business for people who want to have a regular income and life.
Perhaps one day we can sit back and have some royalties working for our retirement plan, but let's be honest... in this industry things tend to be faster and faster, New books, new authors, new tendencies, new awards... it takes a while before the publishing community even realizes we exist, and odds are against you if you're not Saun Tan, Oliver Jeffers, Paula Bonnet.
It seems you're either a celebrity or someone close to nothing as an artist or author.

So, books are becoming more and more DIY projects.
It's not wise to keep waiting for the perfect commission to drop on our email, so we started doing the books and getting them in PDF for publishers to print and sell. Sometimes not even that... we just go to the printer and make an self-edition.



(Specially for books)

(I will keep updating links feel free to share links and thoughts on comments)

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