Friday, March 20, 2015

illustrator, illustrator on the wall, do you have any passion at all?

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WHO are you besides the work we see online?
what's your passion?
For a long time I had my work on the internet to get commissions. Very professional site with my work under categories and those under submenus, tidy, organized, clinical.
All the personal info was on the "about"  - which is a lot of words nobody as patience to read :) really.
So my personal information was in other places like blogger, youtube, facebook, disconnected from my work.

Small story short to make my point: I posted in youtube a video of how sports were a part of my routine and were contributing to my work and a friend called me in to work at portuguese Bike magazine! This is a simple fact: in order to do what you love, just do it over and over and you'll be calling for more of it.
Paula Bonet also says this in a TED talk (here) Lets face it: We are illustrators, born to handle whatever is no that briefing, but... if you only let us work on what we really love ( to me is a mix of bike, running, pets, animals, nature...) damn!! I'll climb mountains for the best sunrise, skip hours of sleep to draw and express my passion for it and make you feel that.
So I've just put yesterday some more direct info about what I love to do in my site:
_In "about" there's the video where I relate running and drawing.
_I created a submenu "Work in Progress and Upcoming"
_Changed my wallpaper - my "home" landing page is my bike in a place where I like to stop for pictures when I go for a ride.Already I have friends saying the site it's more "human" they now recognize me: where I live, how I live this life, and how it reflect it into my work, they understand were pictures come from. They see a story connection. They felt emotion. 

I realize my site is now the storyboard of (and for) my life.

here's an example in  "personal project":
These are the projects I do to reinvent myself, my work and find the new themes I want to handle and places I need to go and research. 
Aside from the Pro Bono projects were the institutions specially demand for what they need, everyone of this projects have sports in common: "My Cmyk Personality" is a one year project where I drew every Tuesday of 2014 for a blog and a Facebook page, a caricature of myself and the way I felt in various occasions about politics, rain, sun, work, being a girl etc...
"Fanzines" show how I feel about Running, and this is the way I still need to go, to tell the world how beautiful life can be if you just... move! get some dopamine in your system to pump up the day.
2015 will be more of a bike year as my knees start to complain about long distance running and I start to be more conscious about the necessity to include bicycles in our lives... Bikes, Nature, Balance, Animals, Zoomorphic people... that's were I'm going.

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