Friday, May 16, 2014

CMYK personality » celebrating week n.20 on my Visual Chronicle

CMYK » week n.20 - Work odyssey chapter 01- The Hydra inbox.

What is «my CMYK personality»?
_It's my alter-ego. A women with 3 different personalities inside (sports, love, spiritual) each drawing has a "normal" black and painted girl -  which represents what you see, but there's more 3 of me: each one is a very different thought in front of the same situation.

Why am I doing this if nobody is buying?
1_It's fun.
2_I'm doing this because I wanted to find out if I have what it takes to keep up the compromise of doing a weekly drawing. I am!! (20 weeks on a row at this point)
3_keep in touch with friends.

Do I get uncomfortable on all the personal data I'm sharing?
No. Actually, friends encouraged this. They respond to it very cheerfully and (they say) allows them to know  my whereabouts. 
Besides I believe we have to be personal. Life is personal, my drawings are personal... there's no way to escape from it. I'm the "open book" you can read and decide if you identify or want to come along and share part of the journey with me or just pass me by.
I read the "The Celestine Prophecy" as a teenager, and I still believe in parts of it. Show yourself, let people know what drives you, only then you can find fellow travellers.

"Me, myself and I"... sound a bit egocentric?
Well, it turns out the subject I know the most about is... me! no politics, no football, no economics, just me. And I always have lots of stories to tell... I'm a storyteller, too shy to speak or write.
Chances are girls and women around will identify with many of this mine/universal female situations.
We live is separate countries, have different jobs (or no jobs), do sports or work our brains out in front of the PC... inner conflicts, parody, drama, self pity, endurance... every mixt feelings I get, every problem I'm dealing with... CMYK has become my alter-ego, and also free shrink session.
... A Visual chronicle of someone (between a girl and a grownup woman)

Wasting time?
Investing. I'm a freelance artist, I know I have to do NOW what I want to be hired for in the FUTURE.
Practical example? - I did this video on running (-link-) and latter I was hired because they needed someone that, besides layout and illustration, could make this kind of photo galleries (- link-)
So, CMYK was an old idea I'm developing for multiple purposes.
I believe at some point, the universe will feedback me on this. I can do it. I like it. I'm ready.

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