Sunday, February 16, 2014

2 black cats named John... smells fishy or insightful?

_Yvan Pommaux (link)

A curiosity: at the 2013 CONFIA conference I learned [on Sandra Beckett's paper = "Yvan Pommaux's Fairy-Tale whodunnits *"] that my dear John Blacksad must have had inspiration in an earlier character John Chatterton by Yvan Pommaux [published long before the publication of the 1st Blacksad in 2000) 
Pommaux, Y. John Chatterton détective. L'Ecole des Loisirs, Paris (1993); 
Pommaux, Y. : Lilas. L'Ecole des Loisirs, Paris (1995); 
Pommaux, Y. Le grand sommeil. L'École des Loisirs (1998) 
Coincidence? French editor tips to Spanish designer?  ... Whodunnits*! Time will tell.

One thing is sure: Blacksad is a sucess, I have the books, the making of, the videos... a
nd I'm on my way to buy the last one :) "Amarillo" (video link) 
It's curious how there's so many people working on this subject. I made an exhibition in 2007 and I had no references to other illustrators working on this zoomorphic theme. In a split second internet is overflowing with this imagery... National Geographic Generation? Jung synchronicity? ...don't know, but I'm loving it (:

_Juanjo Guarnido (link)

*Whodunnits - a story or play about a murder in which the identity of the murderer is not revealed until the end.

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