Thursday, November 7, 2013

Speed drawing and painting for a picture book (illustration process)

Speed drawing experience _ N.º 02

These are illustrations for a book I made a week ago. I have chosen Andersen's Princess Pea image to show you the work flow:
01_Drawing (speed motion)
02_Painting by hand with acrylics in my atelier windows [:P kind of a messy experience but they dry up really fast - it works!! ]
03_Photoshop to improve colors and detail (in details)
04_Indesign to finish composition in the page

I'll be showing more about the digital part = 04 and 05 ASAP with a book trailler.
Still searching for a good program to capture my sreen as I work [ maybe fraps?] - if you have recommendatioons please leave them as comments.
Hope you enjoy.

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