Monday, June 11, 2007

Ler permite achar novos caminhos e completar os nossos próprios pensamentos. Adoro encontrar linhas com aquelas verdades que estavam presas cá dentro e não sabiam expressar-se:
Reading allows us to find new paths and complete our thoughts. I love to find in books the truths that lied within but didn't knew how to express themselfs in words:

«Being freelance [illustrator] means that there are times when one is busy and other times when one is without work, or 'in between projects' as actors like to describe unemployment.»(p.26)
«The future of an illustrator's career and the future of the discipline, rest on constantly moving forward and exploring new avenues of thinking.»(p.34)
«AT THE HEART OF ALL ILLUSTRATION, DRAWING PLAYS A VITAL ROLE. without THE ABILITY TO DRAW and VISUALISE WELL the illustrator lacks the most important component in his or her toolbox.»(p.54)
by: Zeegen/Crush inThe Fundamentals of Illustration

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