Wednesday, March 11, 2020

playing with tablet

I got a HUION, 19'' because Cintiqs are so expensive. Huion is cool but the screen is a bit fussy, it blurs the colours and it's not very bright, so I keep a normal monitor on the side to check how it's going for hues and small details.
Nevertheless, I had a lot of FUN trying the possibilities of this tool.
The amount of zoom and detail is almost infinite, so I hard to curb myself and remember I was doing a picture book and not an illustration / photo like.

The things you could do with it!! big gesture strokes were finally possible. My old wacom sapphire is now just a mouse interface :P
I tested brushed (and I'm still doing it) but soon, had to pick 2 brushes to do this book, otherwise it would look different from page to page.
Oh, I ended up hurting my wrist because I drew on it slightly more vertical than usual. but maybe I'm just adapting to it. Saw some forums and it's a normal thing to happen to beginners.
My drawings could be enhanced, composition was however I like it! This was the tool I needed. working become addictive and it was kind of magic to preform "extreme makeovers" on my drawings. Magic.

The book came out in march. I feel I still have lots to learn. 

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