Thursday, May 7, 2015

Helping the wolves with MY art? check!

This is a special blog. I started doing what is my childhood dream: To give back through drawing and help animals. It's not much, but is a profit I can spare because I didn´t need to make the product and ship it away :)

The message (and note to self) is:
We don't need to be rich to start giving.I always wanted to do this but I guess I was waiting for big profits to share and make a difference. But imagine: if everyone expected to be wealthy in order to start contributing and helping others... only 1% of the population would in deed help anyone :) !! crazy right?
So, if you are reading this ( and chances are you´re also a creative person or someone who believe in things like universal feedback and showing your gratitude through simple acts of kindness...) well? Just do it.
I gave 2 euros, if 100 people read this and feel the urge to do the same there's 200 euros going to help. Yes... this is a call to action (again).
I still haven't told the buyer his bag is helping the wolves in our country. I know he will be proud. The emotions I get from this are far to compensating. I was weeping as I did the transfer (...girl power overload of joy...) and it's great to feel you're the little drop of water. Small acts of kinds, Celestine Profecy, The secret, Whatever you believe in... we are energy I hope I just pumped yours to do that daily act of kindness.
Today's message? Don't wait up. 

I chose Grupo do Lobo, because it's a national organization here in Portugal that I've been following and I know they are going to give it a good use. In their site there's how you can help.
Choose your cause.
I loved this and I'm thinking of giving more, thematically I can make a bag with a Lynx, a Cat, a Dog ... and all sale's profit revert to the chosen association. Or an exhibition...
Possibilities are endless! Find yours :)

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