Monday, April 6, 2015

My stuff in society6 are in Free shipping this week

Society6 is offering free shipping of my stuff trough this link:
(form now to 12 April at midnight!!)

From time-to-time we will give you the opportunity to run special offers on the products in your store. Each of these promotions will only run for a limited time. We will notify you via email and through the website when they become available.

Please use the link builder below to generate Promo Links to share with your family, friends and fans and they'll get FREE Worldwide Shipping when they order from your Society6 Store. Please note that this promotion is NOT automatically available on your Store, the promotion is only available once someone clicks on the link that you share with them.

Promotion expires April 12, 2015 at Midnight Pacific Time. *Free Shipping offer excludes Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases, Wall Clocks and Rugs»

1 comment:

Brandon Bowman said...

These are some fine products, Ana; they are interesting plays on wolf imagery and motif. People would certainly love to have them in their shelves already, and the free shipping is just a blessing. Thank you, and I hope that you are armed with top-flight vehicles in order to deliver them quick and well.

Brandon Bowman @ State Transport