Wednesday, November 13, 2013

my love affair with running and illustration

This video is my homage to RUNNING, LISBON and to Tagus river.

The story starts 3 years ago: I RUN, I LOVE it and I try to SHARE it by posting a picture of the sunrise on Facebook everytime I go running. This is my "Good morinig" to friends and the "likes" let me know they appreciate this good mood and my "visual weather cast" as a public service :)

I wish everyone could start the day with this LIGHT and powerful ENERGY.
And the download is FREE - you just have to plug-in with Nature.
So, basically, I hope you get inspired and if you can run... GO for it!
No pink ideals here, we're all just ordinary people - when I wake up my body hurts [as h***!!] but if I miss my run my soul will ache much more.
Do I sometimes wish to stay in bed? - yessss! 
Do I feel like flying next to sealguls? - Sure do.
Do I feel like Superwoman comming back home? - read my smile!!
I believe this is the next Viral thing - a Runner's smile is contagious.
As I was trying to make everyone see how amazing the river can be I started to realize this had become a ritual for me - for Body and Mind. 
Even more than that, the river become part of my identity as person and illustrator, I hope you can identify it in the drawings. 
I also did this video because I believe running is a powerful self-designing tool. "we are what we repeatedly do"and we wake up with the power to change and shape the world - starting with us. 

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Lívio's music:
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Last but not least... my illustrations:

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